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What are your Goals?

by Janice Kernel and Sherie Howard

"Our goal is to have a goal" What goals have you set and achieved?  That's tough as some don't realize the importance of goal setting.  Why... having reachable goals is a reason for those daily activities.  Goals create your daily schedule.  For example...we want 4 closings in December.  So how many contacts does it take for an appointment, how many appointments for 1 closing?  Now we know our schedule for the next few weeks. We'll think about it over and over again!

This guy is good! and we quote....


James Houghtaling with Real Estate Principles

"I really can’t think of anything more ‘basic’ and fundamental to success than setting an exciting goal and then thinking about it over and over and over again until you get there … can you? In fact—one of the best definitions of success (in my opinion) actually makes goals a pre-requisite: ‘Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile GOAL’! In other words, how can we truly say we’ve succeeded if we have not achieved something new … something beyond where we’ve already been?

So what’s it going to be? What is that one thing that is drawing you on the most? What would you MOST like to do, be, or have in your life that is worthwhile and will make the biggest positive impact on your life or your business? Now that you’ve decided you really are sick and tired … how about shifting your focus to that inspiring future that you have committed yourself to?

Here’s to that future … here’s to your goals … here’s to you making today count!"

Greenwood, IN Homes for Sale

by Janice Kernel and Sherie Howard

Are you looking for homes in Greenwood Indiana?  We'd love to assist you!  Here is a quick link to our MLS site for all homes in Greenwood Indiana. 


Once there you can edit the search based on YOUR criteria...then save that search and get emailed whenever a house is listed that matches.  

Try it out and let us know what you think...

2016 Calendar Available!

by Janice Kernel and Sherie Howard

Our 2016 refrigerator magnet calendars are on order!  These are very popular and again this year, we will have extras.  Email with your address and we'll get you a set in the mail.  Going forward, you'll receive refills for your magnet back.  


First Time Home Buyer - Closing

by Janice Kernel and Sherie Howard

It's most important to stay in close touch with your mortgage lender during the last stages prior to closing.  You do not want any last minute hiccups!  Sometimes the "underwriting" department has some last minute questions regarding your documents or even appraisal.  

Once all is approved, your lender's loan documents go to the title company your or seller have chosen.  By law, it's the buyer's choice but there are circumstances where seller makes that decision.  The title company will review documents and draw up the HUD1 (closing statement) and send to your lender for approval.  Closing is usually scheduled by now so do make sure you have utilities put in your name on the date of possession.  Also, lender will inform you how much money you'll need for closing transaction.  Amount may seen less than you originally thought due to some credits given at closing..i.e. prorated taxes and your earnest money.  In most states, any amount over $10,000 has to be wired to title company.  Funds less than $10,000 can be in a form of Cashier's Check...check with lender or title company for their particular rules.  

At closing, you'll sign a whole lot of paperwork including the mortgage, note, etc.  

That's it....Congratulations!


Another open house

by Janice Kernel and Sherie Howard

Open house this Sunday 1pm - 2pm. 1099 Mount Vernon, Greenwood IN.   Great ranch in Greenwood Commons. 



Sunday's Open Houses

by Janice Kernel and Sherie Howard

Open House this Sunday 7039 Tyler 12pm - 2pm this is in the Southern Dunes area...Wellingshire

Lots of nice updates




First Time Home Buyer - 3rd

by Janice Kernel and Sherie Howard

Once you find your dream home, there will be some upfront costs involved once you have an accepted offer.  The earnest money, home inspection and appraisal are probably the larger of your upfront expenses.

The earnest money is an "assurance" for sellers that you are serious about purchasing their home and not going to back out.  However, there are certain circumstances where earnest money will be refunded back. (that's another future post) Your realtor can help you with amount based on purchase price, but plan on at least $1,000.

A home inspection should include general inspection, termite, radon, etc.  These inspections can vary based on home and area.  Your inspector can help choosing the correct inspections.  

The appraisal is your next upfront expense.  Your lender will order for you based on their approved appraiser list.  Most first time home buyers are going to be using an FHA loan.  FHA rules state that home must appraise for purchase price or above.  If appraised amount is less than purchase price then sellers must reduce price to appraised amount or buyer cannot get the financing or the earnest money must be returned.   (again for another post)

Home owners insurance is lender required.  Don't wait until the last minute to obtain. Lenders will require proof of insurance before closing.  It's always best to start with your current insurance provider for any vehicles, rent, etc. as multi-line discounts may apply.  

Getting ready for closing up next.....

First Time Home Buyer - 2nd

by Janice Kernel and Sherie Howard

OK so you have talked with a lender or lenders and got your pre approval letter.  Now it's time to start researching your new home.

Step 1 - research Realtors - remember, real estate is "local" so you want a Realtor that is familiar with the area and/or school district.  Personality match is a must.  You will be working very closely with this person for months so it's important that you "like" each other!

Step 2 - Prioritize what you want most in your new home.  # of bedrooms, basement, fenced yard, open floor plan, quiet street or a subdivision, etc.

Step 3 - you and your Realtor start searching homes that match closely to your price and criteria...also good idea to start visiting open houses in the neighborhoods that you're interested in.  Also, start driving around areas at random times

Step 4 - start scheduling appointments to see some homes.  Keep a check list handy for "likes" and "dislikes" as you look.  

Check back later for part 3




First time home buyer!

by Janice Kernel and Sherie Howard

Are you looking to start looking for your first home?  Finally got that job promotion and raise, or just done with throwing money out the window from renting?  Regardless of reason, you and your family are excited about the process.  Here are a few first steps to consider before jumping in your car.  


Check your credit score.  Free copy at  This is a really good thing to avoid last minute surprises when visiting your lender.

Determine how much you can afford. Visit with a lender or a couple to determine how much home you can afford and what loan program is best for you.  This will definitely help when narrowing down your home search both by you and your realtor.  You really don't want to look at homes out of your reach or homes that require too much work or won't pass FHA inspections.  

Make a downpayment plan  Again, this is where your lender can help.  FHA requires 3.5% down and conventional requires 20% down (to avoid PMI)  There are many programs out there for down payment amounts depending on what you qualify for.  

This is not the end...check back again for some more helpful hints.




Stuffed Red Peppers!

by Janice Kernel and Sherie Howard

So simple and delish!  This recipe serves 6 people.  Start your sauce by browning a pound of sweet Italian sausage and a pound of ground chuck with a chopped onion, green pepper, mushrooms and a few cloves of garlic.  Drain excess grease.  Stir in our favorite pasta sauce...(go back to March of 2014 blog for sauce recipe) or use your own favorite.  Let simmer while cooking rice.  Use long cooking (Uncle Ben's)rice and make per package directions for 4 servings.  Add cooked rice to your pasta sauce and continue to simmer for about 30 minutes.  You can add your own italian seasonings and some S&P.  

Cut 6 large red peppers in half lengthwise.  Cover bottom of deep baking dish with sauce and place cut peppers on sauce.  Now stuff those pups with your meat sauce and top with mozzarella cheese.  Bake at 375 first covered with foil for about 30 or so minjutes...(should be bubbly) then remove foil and bake for about another 10 minutes.  Top with some chopped parsley and sprinkle with sweet paprika.  Serve with a salad and some garlic bread.  

Displaying blog entries 1-10 of 37




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